Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well... our PitBull X, Lexie, is STILL searching for her furever home!! Why?? We're not really sure!!??? She is between 1.5 - 2 years old, spayed & vaccinated, and has lots of love to give!! Lexie would love to be the only pet in the house. She cannot go to a home with cats or small animals, and although she sometimes gets along with other dogs, we'd prefer it if she was an 'only child'. Off leash parks are off limits to Lexie at this time.

Lexie is currently taking some professional training classes and is doing wonderfully!! She knows "sit", "down", and is perfecting the art of "stay" :)

She's your typical Bully breed, in that she is strong and exhuberant. But at the same time, she loves to just sit at your feet and watch TV with you.

Lexie would love to find a home with a big yard where she can run & play. She loves to be outside, but is not the kind of dog to be kept outdoors all day long (she has short short hair!)

Lexie wanted us to share some of her amazing qualities with you: She is not loud in the house and barely barks as it is, she loves to be with people, she loves to go for walks, and loves to cuddle. Sound good to you??? And there's more!!! Lexie loves to go for runs or bike rides, and is always up for a game of tug-o-war!!

Oh! And she'll also watch your hotdogs cook :)

Lexie is in a foster home in Calgary, so if you are interested in meeting Lexie - or interested in adopting - please email us at
Please provide your name, address, phone number or email address, and a brief description of your home environment (ie current pets, yard size).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Some New Faces.....

We have some wonderful new kitties who are in search of their furever homes. Introducing....

REIA - DSH Torbie & White, Spayed Female DOB Approx. July 1, 2009. She was living in a shed in a backyard when it was -30 outside and was brought in to be spayed. After surgery, she managed to escape from her kennel and hid for 3 weeks until we told her she could stay inside! Now she's a sweet, loving cat that loves attention - but doesn't demand it. She does very well with other cats and dogs too!

TIKA - DSH Black & White Spayed Female, approx DOB October 1, 2009. Tika was living in the same shed as Reia - but raising 4 tiny babies! They survived the bitter cold very well. Tika is such a sweet cat, and so desperately wanted to be held, that we simply couldn't put her back outside! Now that her babies are gone she's having a second kittenhood and is enjoying playing, cuddling, and sleeping on the bed! Does well with other cats and dogs.

VIENNA - DSH Black/Brown Tabby, Spayed Female, DOB Approx January 1, 2009. Vienna and her kitten were dropped off in a kennel by a very irate woman claiming that they were "strays" and she was "sick of them". However it was very cold out and both cats had indoor cat fur - thin and sleek - not thick and fluffy like they would have if they were outside. Plus, they came with kennel and food. Hmmmm. Vienna is a sweetheart though, she LOVES to be held! She also loves to play and will fly around after toys!
If you are interested in adopting these or any of our other great cats, please email us at!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Gang's All Here!

The New Year is almost here, and we've had alot of dogs find homes this year. We are so glad that there are so many once homeless dogs, living in new homes and having a warm bed to lay on this Christmas!

However!! We still have many wonderful dogs who are spending Christmas at the shelter this year. They would love to join your family.... introducing:

"Rex" **transferred to A Better Chance Animal Rescue**
Breed: Pyrenees / Collie X
Sex: Male
Age: 2 years

Smart, Obedient & Loyal described this big boy! He is very gentle with people and gets along great with other dogs. (not yet tested with cats) Rex knows some basic commands like "sit" "down" and "shake a paw". Would make a great addition to any active family!

"Makayla" **transferred to Brooks Animal Protection Society**
Breed: Retriever / Shepherd X
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 4 years

Makayla is a sweet little (45 lbs) dog who loves people! She gets along fabulously with other dogs, and spends her time running around outside. Makayla does have some separation anxiety, which just means that she will need to be crated when left alone. She is very quiet, very loving, and very silly!!! Makayla is house and leash trained!

"Lucy" **transferred to A Better Chance Animal Rescue**
Breed: Border Collie X
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1 year

Lucy is a very active young dog. She would do great in agility or flyball sports. She loves to run and play with other dogs, but likes to chase cats. She is good with kids, and would make an excellent family dog. Lucy enjoys her daily walks, and would make a great running or hiking partner.

"Harley" **transferred to Windy City Canine Rescue**
Breed:Black Labrador Retriever
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 4.5 years

Harley is an all around wonderful dog. He is gentle and loyal, and gets along with other dogs & cats. He is house and leash trained, and loves to go for walks.

"Buddy" **transferred to Misty Creek Dog Rescue**
Breed: Chihuahua X
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 year

Poor Buddy has lived his entire life outdoors. All day and all night he would spend in the cold, barely being fed or looked after. Buddy is now ready to start a new life!! He is a bit shy towards new people, but with time he will cuddle up on your lap! He is good with other dogs and cats, and is working very hard on his leash manners and house training!

"Yogi" **adopted**
Breed: Great Pyrenees X
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1.5 years

Yogi Bear is a gentle giant! He needs a lot of room to run! Yogi loves to play with other dogs, and is completely housetrained. He would love to find a big acreage where he can run and play all day long! He is content to lay beside you for cuddles, and enjoys being the center of attention!

Remember! That with big dogs, comes BIG poops, LOTS of hair, and DROOL!!! :)

"Chip" **transferred to Windy City Canine Rescue**
Breed: Dachshund / Chihuahua X
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 7 months

Chip is an extraordinary little guy! He has been through alot in his short life, but is very excited to be starting fresh! Chip is currently in a foster home, and they report that he is melting their hearts!! He is great with dogs and cats of any sizes, and loves kids! He enjoys his daily walks, and is completely housetrained!

"Colby" **transferred to Brooks Animal Protection Society**
Breed: Black Labrador Retriever
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 7.5 years

Colby wants you to know that adopting a Mature dog is very exciting! There will be no puppy messes, no potty training required, no chewing, and lots of love! He is a big boy, so will need plenty of space to stretch his legs! Requires alot of daily exercise to keep him content!

And we can't forget about Lexie!
Breed: Boxer / Pit Bull X
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1.5 years

Lexie is STILL looking for that furever home!!! She would like to find a family where she can be the only pet. Definitely no small dogs or cats. Lexie LOVES to go for walks and explore. She also enjoys running beside a bike (leashed, of course). She loves sitting in the passenger seat with the window rolled down, and loves to play tug of war with her toys. Lexie is also content to lay beside you for some cuddle time and belly rubs!

Thank You!!

Our Supply Drive was a HUGE SUCCESS!
to everyone who came out and donated to the animals!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Supply Drive

Join us on DECEMBER 18, 2010 for our


Where: Taber Civic Centre Auditorium
When: 10am - 4pm

Stop by and donate a new or used dog/cat item, or a bag of food!! There will be a bake sale, where you can find yummy treats for your 4 legged friends - a bbq, proceeds going to the shelter - bring your pet and get a Christmas themed picture - and learn more about how to donate a dog or cat bed to the shelter, or get more info on our fostering program!

Our available dogs & cats will be making an appearance,
so stop by and you might meet your new best friend!!!

For more information, email us at
or phone 403.894.0120

Hope to see you all there!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wanted: A Warm Bed

As the cold weather fast approaches, these loveable doggies are in need of a warm furever home!

"Jack" **adopted**
Breed: Border Collie
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1.5 years

Jack is your typical Border Collie: smart, playful, friendly, sociable.... just wonderful!! Believe it or not, this well behaved boy was found wandering the streets by himself, and nobody ever came to get him. Jack LOVES his daily walks, and would make an excellent running partner. He enjoys playing with other dogs, and would love to have a canine companion in his new home. Jack is a very active dog, and will require alot of exercise. He would do fantastic in agility or flyball activities!


Breed: Pit Bull X
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1 year

You may remember Lexie from a few months ago..... well, she's back. Unfortunately, Lexie is just a bit too rough for a home with other dogs. She did great with the 4 year old child, but the small dog just couldn't keep up with her. We would like to find Lexie a home where she can be the only pet. And preferrably no kids, as she can easily knock them over. She's definitely a stubborn gal, but with the right amount of exercise and attention, she will be just fine!

Last, but certainly not least, is Mandy:

"Mandy" **transferred to Windy City Canine Rescue**
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: January 19, 2000

Mandy is a dog with a sad story. Her owner dropped her off at the shelter, simply because nobody wanted her after a divorce. He informed us that she had a history of biting, and when we asked more about that... he said "she's old and can't hold her bladder as long, so when she pees on the floor I smack her. And then she bites me." Now, we've known Mandy for a few weeks now, and not once have we seen her lash out or become aggressive towards anything. In fact, she longs for cuddles and attention. She may need more frequent pee breaks, as she is nearly 11 years old! but other than that, she is a perfect little dog.
She came in with eye infections, ear infections, and two lumps: one on her belly, and one on her back. The owner had nothing to say about her health.. but we later found out that the large lump on her belly was actually an infected hair follicle. You may ask yourself, how long has she been living with this infection? Well our vets estimate about half of her life.
When we questioned the owner on how she likes daily walks, he said "she walks everyday: from her bed to her food dish". Needless to say, Mandy is a tad overweight.

Mandy has since been medicated, bathed, had the lumps removed, had a dental, and now receives daily walks! She still has a few more pounds to lose, but is becoming more and more active every day. When you look in to her eyes, you know there is a story. But she continues to shine each day. Mandy would like to find a quiet home, maybe with an elderly couple, who can take her for short walks each day, and who will give her a nice soft bed to lay in! She does great with other dogs and cats, but prefers mature animals who are gentle & quiet.

If you come by and visit Mandy, you'll instantly fall in love with this once discarded angel.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nose To Toes Dog Day

On September 18, 2010, Nose To Toes grooming will be celebrating their 20th Anniversary! They want everyone to join the celebration, so are holding a dog day in the park! There will be a BBQ, and lots of fun activities for you and your furry friends!!
All of the proceeds from the day will go to Taber Adoption Options!

When: September 18, 2010 @ 11am - 4pm
Where: Confederation Park (if poor weather, meet in the old Sears building on 48th Ave)

Some of our available dogs will be making an appearance at the park, so come on down and show your support!! ......
You just might meet your new best friend :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Looking For The Perfect Home....

We'd like to introduce two doggies who are looking for homes!

"Kira" **adopted**
Breed: Shepherd X
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 8 months

First up is Kira. She was found on the reserves with her mother and siblings, and taken in by the Misty Creek Dog Rescue. She was transferred here in hopes of finding her furever home! Kira has been here for about a month now and has been an absolute sweet heart! She is a petite, gentle dog who loves to be around people - and gets along with any other dog! She loves to go for walks, and play with other dogs. Kira would definitely make a great running partner. She is learning how to play fetch, and is such a quick learner! She has a lot of potential to be THE perfect dog... it won't be long before she is snatched up!!

"Ben" **transferred to A Better Chance Animal Rescue**
Breed: Pyrenees / Red Heeler X
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 10-12 months

Next is Big Ben!! Ben was found outside of Town and brought to us in hopes of finding his family. His family never came looking, so Ben is now looking for a new home! He's a great big boy with a lot of energy! He loves to be outside, running around. Ben has been great with the other dogs, but has not yet been tested with cats. He would prefer a big farm or acreage to call home, as he does not like to be confined and will jump a fence to get out. If you're interested, please come visit this gorgeous dog!! You won't be disappointed!

Saturday, July 31, 2010


It seems to be a popular season for people to surrender their dogs......
we have TWO to share!

"Lady" **adopted**
Breed: Mini American Eskimo / Pomeranian X
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 4 years

First up is Lady! Lady is a beautiful little dog with so much potential! She has been bounced around from home to home, and is longing to find that permanent furever one. Her last owner left her alone in the yard all day while at work, so Lady has picked up a habit of barking. But with the right stimulation, and even a canine companion to keep her company, Lady should be alright! She gets along with all dogs, big or small, and cats as well. Lady would do best in an active home, as she is a very high energy dog. She loves to go for walks, car rides, play with toys.... small energetic kids might be the perfect match for her! If you think Lady might be the right dog for you, please give us a call!


"Ziva" **transferred to A Better Chance Animal Rescue**
Breed: Blue Heeler / Shepherd X
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB May 30, 2009

Next is Ziva! Ziva was impounded by the police after her owner was charged during a traffic stop. He later admitted that she wasn't properly taken care of, and wanted us to find her a new home. She is still young, at 14 months, but knows alot! She is housetrained, leashtrained, knows "sit", comes when called, and listens very well. Ziva does great with other large breed dogs, but tends to pick on the smaller ones. For that reason, Ziva cannot go to a home with smaller dogs or cats. She is very energetic, and would make a great running / hiking partner! If you're looking for a smart, athletic dog... look no further! Ziva is very willing to please, and would still love to learn more!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How Can You Resist?!

"Matt" **adopted**
Breed: Heeler / Border Collie X
Sex: Male
DOB: March 30, 2010

Matt and his siblings were born on a farm just outside of Cardston. His mom is a gorgeous Red Heeler, and his father was probably a Border Collie. His sisters have since found homes, so Matty is looking to find his perfect furever home!
He's a very social little pup, great with other dogs and loves people. He barks at cats, but that's just because he thinks he's the boss! Amazingly, Matt has caught on to housetraining very fast and never makes a mess in his kennel! He spends his free time playing outside with the big dogs - and is learning how to play fetch! Matty would be the perfect pet for a young family who can grow with him! He will be an active dog, so daily walks and playtime are a must!
Remember, dogs are a lifetime committment - so please put a lot of thought into it, before choosing to adopt a puppy!!